ImageOwner and CEO Fred Shapiro, PCAM, founded the firm in 1974. SBB Management Company, AAMC (SBB), manages over 170 community associations exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The SBB Leadership Team and their tenure at SBB:

Sherri Schmoekel, PCAM Chief Operating Officer 26 years;
Chris Broach, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Director of Client Services 13 years;
Karen Palmer, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Director of Association Op. 33 years;
Elaine Johnson Director of Accounting 18 years;
Susan Walls Human Resources Director 17 years


SBB earned the AAMC (Accredited Association Management Company) designation from CAI (Community Associations Institute) in 2005. Individual manager designations from CAI include 9 PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager), 13 AMS (Association Management Specialist) and 18 CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Association) managers.


In-house monthly manager training sessions on relevant topics including financials/budgets, industry legislative matters, association governance, rules enforcement, association meetings, insurance/risk management, customer service, homeowner relations and others. Community managers attend education sessions conducted by CAI on a regular basis.

Manager Portfolio Size

Manager portfolio size range is typically 6-10 communities for each community manager and administrative assistant. Portfolio sizes are reviewed regularly for complexity and size to ensure proper assignment. SBB also provides onsite exclusive management teams for complex master planned associations.

Technology & Network Systems

Owner Data

SBB utilizes one software system, uManage, to manage its homeowner database, which is a state of the art community management specific software system. uManage is also the platform SBB uses to complete all accounting operations and reports. Integration is key to providing optimal management efficiencies.

Online Services

SBB offers its associations online assessment payments options, a digital platform to facilitate architectural change requests and a secure, feature rich web portal, fully integrated to SBB's homeowner database. Owners can log on and view their account information, association events, calendars, announcements, community forums, surveys, important information, association governing documents and much more. Through each association web portal, Board members can access association financial records, homeowner account information and many other useful features. A public website can also be provided in conjunction with the web portal.

Violation Enforcement

SBB incorporates a mobile management system for management teams into the company wide database. On-site visits are conducted through the use of GPS enabled mobile app with the ability to update individual accounts in real-time. Many associations have already adopted a quick, emailed enforcement letter practice which has resulted in much shorter non-compliance resolution times.


SBB utilizes Mutual of Omaha bank to offer associations a banking product designed for associations. Benefits include additional options for online assessment payment, daily payment processing and short term interest bearing accounts. SBB's online assessment payment system allows for an additional method of credit card and e-check payments for a processing fee based on the individual association's assessment amount.


Voice-over IP phone systems allow for call tracking and phone data collection. This system integrates into the company wide database for collection of contact information. Management teams have voicemails synced to emails and a mobile phone app in some cases. Managers may also use their mobile phones voice-over IP office phone app to reach inter-office personnel and track who is in or out of the office at any time.


Digital file management allows for the immediate retrieval of association documents, books, and records. SBB developed a standard form of filing which requires specific categories for each type of uploaded file providing consistency for all associations. Work flow advancements in digital documentation allow for streamlined methods of community document organization. All files are stored in an OCR recognizable format and backed up to a virtual vault daily.

Board Education

SBB provides education programs for its association Board members with our annual Board Forum. The Board Forum is designed to provide information for association board members and leaders on current association topics such as legislative, legal, financial and technology. SBB brings an industry expert to speak and discuss relevant and timely issues at the Board Forum. SBB provides individual Board education sessions on association finance, technology and legal matters, as needed.

Vendor & Contractor Relationship

SBB has an extensive network of high quality vendors and contractors with experience in all areas of association services. SBB attends the annual DFW CAI Expo, which is a trade show where vendors and contractors get the chance to meet with SBB community managers to present their company, services, new ideas and products related to the community management industry. SBB has no ownership interest in any of its vendors or service providers, nor provides any such service on its own. SBB values the relationship between vendor/contractor and association, as this leads to quality performance at competitive prices.