Great Customer Service

You will be greeted by the SBB receptionist when you call the office; an actual live person! Most Association business can be conducted online, but you can always call to discuss your concerns or questions. If the person you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable, your call will be returned no later than the next business day. We welcome your feedback!

SBB prefers a team approach to management. Your association will work with a Community Manager and an Administrative Assistant that understands your community and is in the office to take calls and answer messages even when the Community Manager is out of the office.

SBB wants to develop a partnership with the communities we manage. We take great pride in the fact that our clients stay with us a long time. Our longest tenured Management Agreement started in January 1995!


SBB provides instant notification options for virtually all Association business conducted on a day-to-day basis. Including but not limited to:

  • SMS & E-blast notifications and announcements
  • Violation notices
  • Payment Reminders
  • Event Reminders
  • Architectural Requests
  • Open tasks completion
  • Work Orders
  • Electronic voting, poles, and surveys


Simplicity is Key - Software utilized by SBB staff is integrated into one location so that owners and Board members can rely on one location to retrieve any/all Association data (Community/Board Portal). This involves integration of the internal SBB database, as well as online management applications.

Paperless Environment - Electronic Document Management allows for digital verification, quick processes, and instant document retrieval.

Industry Education

SBB places great importance on industry education. Community Association Management is an ever changing field. Management companies must stay knowledgeable in order to provide the right type of management service. SBB is very active in the Community Associations Institute (CAI). SBB funds and encourages Community Managers to pursue industry education and designations.

Fred Shapiro is on the Board of the Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) and works with other volunteers and attorneys to affect legislative changes for the betterment of community associations.

Sherri Schmoekel is a past President of the Board of Directors for the DFW Chapter of CAI, is an instructor for several national CAI educational courses, serves on the committee that reviews and creates the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) exam, and has presented numerous programs to the DFW CAI Chapter.

SBB believes it is important for our clients to be knowledgeable about Community Association Management. Since 2003, SBB has conducted annual programs for our Board members that provide much needed information on legal matters, landscaping and irrigation, swimming pools, reserve studies and audits, just to name a few.

Corporate Culture

SBB is a family oriented company. The company focuses on celebrating a number of events for staff throughout the year and is involved with a number of community outreach activities.

SBB clients are important, but so is the staff. SBB strives to make certain we treat our employees well so they stay with us. We have a program where every employee leaves early every other Friday just to get an early start on the weekend. SBB will not allow Community Managers to attend meetings or events on weekends. They need time with their families. SBB incorporated quarterly meetings years ago so we would avoid the typical industry 'burn out'. As a result, more than one third of SBB Community Managers have been with the firm for over 5 years, and numerous Community Managers have been with SBB over 10, 15 and even 20 years!

SBB organizes and hosts the SBB Annual Golf Classic, which provides an opportunity for Board members, vendors/contractors, industry professionals and community managers to play golf and network with each other while raising funds for an important charity. The first nine (9) years of events have raised almost $600,000.00 for Childrens Cancer Fund.

SBB has an annual adopt a family program during the holiday season and is involved in other community building events including visiting the troops at DFW Airport.

SBB has recognized the importance of flexibility with Community Associations. Some of our Associations request specific guides, performances, and forms that are outside of the SBB standard operating procedure. We do everything possible to honor these requests.