Professional management begins with the understanding of your Association's governing documents, policies, and procedures.

Operational organization starts here!

The SBB team approach to management ensures that your association works directly with a Community Manager and an Administrative Assistant. While SBB's leading industry technology and advanced online strategies streamline a considerable amount of association business, you can always count on the management team to respond to your needs by phone, email and in-person.

Your Community Manager oversees all association activities, providing experienced guidance and leadership. From attendance at Board and annual meetings, to overseeing all communications with owners, Board Members and association professionals, our SBB management professionals are your key connection to superior association organization and management.

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Advanced accounting and proven practices

SBB sets the bar high for bookkeeping and financials reporting.

SBB's accounting team is located in the Dallas Corporate office. This provides an atmosphere for teamwork, postitive peer relations, specific process and follow through procedures for books and records of associations.

All association reconciliations are performed at the beginning of each month for the prior month's revenues and expenses. Inclusive of a three person inspection process, SBB generates electronic Income and Expense reports for all Board Members, generally validated and closed by the 15th of each following month of operations. Variance reports and notes on unexpected expenses are just one of the benefits of the SBB Accounting team practices.

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New Developments - Engaged and Dedicated

SBB Management Company is here to assist your team in association related processes that lead to the sale of the first lot, as well as guide the community through transition.

Our professional services have evolved with new community living, and SBB continues to push forward with additional options to meet the growing level of expectations. Buyers in today's market are looking for a unique lifestyle, and SBB understands that new communities are offering out-of-the-box living experiences, such as regularly scheduled events involving local venders, instant online tools, mobile accessibility and social network interactions.

SBB professional staff and management teams are among the longest tenured in the association management industry. With an experienced staff, you can be assured that your new community will recieve the best conservative budget drafts, forward-thinking operational guidelines and followthrough.

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Additional Benefits

Discounted buying and pricing power

Discounts on goods and services, provided to each owner

As an association member in a community managed by SBB Management Company, you are automatically offered a series of offers and discounts on everyday goods and services! SBB has become a partner in a cooperative program called Innovia Co-op that brings buying power to our association members with national level volume.

My Perks

Each owner is eligible to recieve a My Perks savings card. The My Perks savings card will provide exclusive money saving offers from many great companies, including but not limited to the following.

Please log into your SBBGo account and find the "My Perks" link to access your savings now!

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