Pay Assessments Online


*Login to SBBGo to directly connect to your payment portal and see additional options for types of payments and reminders.

Mutual of Omaha Bank

*Payments will require your association account number, which can be located on your last assessment statement.

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Each owner has their own specific "My Account" homepage

Please feel free to discuss these features with your community manager.

My Account Details

Each owner can access their account details in under the "My Account" tab in SBBGo. There are several association related activities that are provided; including a detailed account payment history, architectural requests history, violation history and other requests.

Additionally, owners may elect to pay their assessments while in the "My Account" area. This is a convenience for all owners with SBB Management Company. Some charges may apply for credit card and e-check processing from a third party payment processing company.

If you require assistance or would like to submit a request that is tracked by your management team, please use the links under the "Account Detail" tab. The request will be saved to your account and answers can be reviewed at a later date.

SBB provides owners the option to change and update their own email address and phone numbers. Additionally, if preferred, a mobile number can be added to allow association texting capability.