About Us

SBB Management Company stands apart from typical Association Management Companies.

Real people, onsite, working with your community.

Whether visiting your community, reviewing landscaping plans, checking up on contracted work, or meeting with an owner, SBB is engaged.

Who we are

Owner and CEO Fred Shapiro, PCAM, founded the firm in 1974. SBB Management Company, AAMC (SBB), manages over 170 community associations exclusively in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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What we do

Identify all existing Common Areas from on-site visits; make twice monthly on-site visual tours of the Common Areas to identify repair needs, recommend repairs and monitor the quality of work performed by contractors with respect to the Common Areas;

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What makes SBB different

You will be greeted by SBB's receptionist when you call the office - an actual live person!

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